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Faclair Mòr B

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

*polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

Baga, am baga
bag, the bag
baile, am baile
town/village, the town/village
baile beag
small village/town
Baile Dhubhthaich, ann am Baile Dhubhthaich
Tain, in Tain
baile mòr
big town/city
bailtean mòra
bainne, am bainne
milk, the milk
ball-coise, am ball-coise
football, the football
barrachd fiosrachaidh
more information
Barraigh, ann am Barraigh
Barra, in Barra
beachd, am beachd
opinion, the opinion
beachdan an tidseir
teacher’s comments
a little
low fat
Beinn na Fadhla, ann am Beinn na Fadhla
Benbecula, in Benbecula
Beurla, a’ Bheurla
English, English language
Bha an t-sìde grod.
The weather was horrible.
Bha mi…
I was…
Bha tòrr spòrs ann.
It was loads of fun.
biadh, am biadh
food, the food
Bi modhail!
Bi sàmhach!
Be quiet!
Bithibh modhail!
Bithibh sàmhach!
Be quiet!
bliadhna, a’ bhliadhna
year, the year
… bliadhna a dh’aois
… years old
botal uisge, am botal uisge
bottle of water, the bottle of water
bòtannan, na bòtannan
boots, the boots
bracaist, a’ bhracaist
breakfast, the breakfast
bràthair, am bràthair
brother, the brother, brothers
bràthair beag
little brother
bràthair mòr
big brother
briogais, a’ bhriogais
trousers, the trousers
briosgaid, a’ bhriosgaid
biscuit, the biscuit, biscuits
brocolaidh, am brocolaidh
broccoli, the broccoli
bròg, a’ bhròg
shoe, the shoe, shoes
brògan-spòrs, na brògan-spòrs
trainers, the trainers
brot, am brot
soup, the soup
brot tomàto
tomato soup
Bruidhinn Gàidhlig!
Talk Gaelic!
a’ bruidhinn mu pheataichean
talking about pets
a’ bruidhinn ri mo charaidean
talking to my friends
Bruidhnibh Gàidhlig!
Talk Gaelic!
Bu toigh leam…
I would like…
bun-sgoil, a’ bhun-sgoil
primary school, the primary school
buntàta, am buntàta
potato/potatoes, the potato/potatoes
bùth nam peataichean
pet shop
Faclair Mòr App

Faclair Mòr App

Stòrlann, in collaboration with Sealgar IT Ltd, have produced a searchable phrasebook app for use in conjunction with the Ceumannan Gaelic learners’ course for secondary schools. The ‘Faclair Mòr’ app contains over 3 200 audio files from the book series and it is hoped pupils using the course will find the app useful as they get to grips with Gaelic.

The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

Faclair na Sgoile App

This is a Gaelic to Gaelic dictionary with auto-fill, which is very useful if you are in a hurry, or unsure of the word you’re looking for.

The app also has a Word of the Day feature which appears when you open the app. Try it now at Google Play and the App Store.