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Ceumannan > Leabhar 3 > C3 – Siuthad! Gabh òran!

Siuthad! Gabh Òran!

C3 songs and Ceuman-oke

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Cnoc na Fèille

Faigh fios

Look again at Modal 1 Aonad 1. We found a video of Cnoc Na Fèille on YouTube and have translated the lyrics. See if you can find other Gaelic songs or poems about an dà shealladh or second sight. Ask at home if anyone has heard any stories about people with second sight. Share the stories with the rest of the class.

Ceangalan / Useful links

If you want to read more Runrig lyrics in Gaelic (with translations and music) you can buy the Flower of The West song book from the Gaelic Books Council…

Hill at the Market Stance

It is without doubt that it frightened us
The light at the market stance

There were those that could see it
Others liked to believe they could

Those with second sight
They had no difficulty

The duck, the greylag and the lapwing
Together sharing the machair lands

A dead crow hangs on the fence
Tied with a length of rope

A rabbit is sitting on the sand dunes
Presenting himself as a perfect target

Hogainn o, hogainn o, ho ro ho ro boys
Hogainn o, ho ro boys, hogainn o horainn o

Image: Dead crow hanging on fence
Graphic Text: Suas leis a Ghaidhlig