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Ceumannan > Leabhar 2 > C2 – Modalan


Ceumannan 2 is divided into six units of work within three modules.

In this section you will find the information you need to complete the work in your text book, Ceumannan 2. Below is a list of the unit headings and numbers in the book to guide you through it.

A’ Bhodhaig
Cò ris a tha thu coltach?
Dè an obair a th’ agad?
Dè na cur-seachadan a th’ agad?
Càit a bheil thu a’ fuireach?
An do dh’fhalbh thu air saor-làithean?
Dè rinn thu anns na saor-làithean?

At the beginning of each new unit online, you will find more details of the language covered there. Under each unit heading is a range of resources which will be of use to you:

Earrannan èisteachd: the listening extracts as detailed in the book. Each small listening extract is a different sound file. Eg C2-1-1-1: Ceumannan 2, Modal 1, Aonad 1, Extract 1. Your teacher will have a printed guide.

Obair Air-loidhne: here you will find some extra work on each of the online units including crosswords and wordsearches which can be downloaded and printed. There will be more added to these sections as time goes on.

Freagairtean: The answers to all your problems lie here! All the answers from the book can be found in this section. Don’t look until you’ve completed each exercise!

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When emailing, please ask your teacher to indicate whether you wish a Windows or MAC version and give the number of machines that you will be using. In the meantime, you can use the 30 day free trial (which can be upgraded when you receive the licence).