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Faclair Mòr A

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

*polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

A bheil … a’ còrdadh riut?
Do you enjoy…?
A bheil … agad?
Do you have a…?
A bheil … agaibh?*
Do you have a…?
A bheil … ann?
Is there a … on?
A bheil am pathadh oirbh?*
Are you thirsty?
A bheil am pathadh ort?
Are you thirsty?
A bheil an t-acras oirbh?*
Are you hungry?
A bheil an t-acras ort?
Are you hungry?
A bheil briogais ghlas ort?
Do you have grey trousers on?
A bheil càil/dad math ann Disathairne?
Is there anything good on Saturday?
A bheil e ceart?
Is he right?
A bheil i ceàrr?
Is she wrong?
A bheil peata agad?
Do you have a pet?
A bheil peata agaibh?*
Do you have a pet?
A bheil thu a’ dèanamh sìon?
Are you doing anything?
A bheil thu a’ dèanamh càil?
Are you doing anything?
A bheil thu a’ dèanamh dad?
Are you doing anything?
A bheil thu a’ dèanamh sgath?
Are you doing anything?
A bheil sibh a’ fuireach…?*
Do you live…?
A bheil thu a’ fuireach…?
Do you live…?
A bheil sibh ag iarraidh deoch?*
Do you want a drink?
A bheil thu ag iarraidh deoch?
Do you want a drink?
A bheil thu fhèin a’ dol ann?
Are you going?
a ghràidh
a h-uile Diluain
every Monday
ad, an ad (f)
hat, the hat
aig a’ phàirc
at the park
Àird nam Murchan, ann an Àird nam Murchan
Ardnamurchan, in Ardnamurchan
àireamh, an t-àireamh (f), àireamhan
number, the number, numbers
àireamhair, an t-àireamhair (m)
calculator, the calculator
airgead, an t-airgead (m)
money, the money
Alanais, ann an Alanais
Alness, in Alness
Albha, ann an Albha
Alva, in Alva
Am Blàran Odhar, anns a’ Bhlàran Odhar
Bettyhill, in Bettyhill
àm cluiche/àm pleidhe
àm dinneir
dinner time
An caomh leat…?
Do you like…? (Lewis)
An caomh leibh…?*
Do you like…? (Lewis)
an dèidh
an dèidh sin
after that
An e … a th’ ann an-diugh?
Is it … today?
An e … an t-ainm a th’ ort?
Is your name…?
An e … a th’ ann?
Is it a…?
An e seo…?
Is this…?
An e sin…?
Is that…?
An e … a th’ annad?
Are you a…?
An e … a th’ annaibh?*
Are you a…?
ann am
ann an
ann an cafaidh
in a café
ann an eaglais
in a church
ann an garaids
in a garage
ann an ionad-slàinte
in a health centre
ann an oifis
in an office
ann an ospadal
in a hospital
ann an sgoil
in a school
ann an stèisean-poilis
in the police station
ann an taigh-bìdh
in a restaurant
ann an talla a’ bhaile
in the village hall
annlan, an t-annlan (m)
main course, the main course
anns a’…
in the…
anns a’ bhaga
in the bag
anns a’ bhun-sgoil
in the primary school
anns a’ bhùth
in the shop
anns a’ chafaidh
in the café
anns a’ chlas
in class
anns a’ mhadainn
am/in the morning
anns an
in the
anns an àrd-sgoil
in the high school
anns an eaglais
in the church
anns an sgoil
in (the) school
anns an taigh-chluiche
in the theatre
anns an taigh-dhealbh
in the cinema
anns an taigh-òsta
in the hotel
anns an talla
in the hall
anns na
in the
anns na bùthan
in the shops
anns na saor-làithean
in the holidays
An robh thu…?
Were you…?
An toigh leat…?
Do you like…?
An toigh leibh…?*
Do you like…?
an uair sin
aodach, an t-aodach (m)
clothes, the clothes
aodach-spòrs, an t-aodach-spòrs (m)
sports kit, the sports kit
Aonghas Mòr
Big Angus
aon uair deug
eleven o’clock
aran, an t-aran (m)
bread, the bread
aran donn
brown bread
aran geal
white bread
last night
Arcaibh, ann an Arcaibh
Orkney, in Orkney
àrd-sgoil, an àrd-sgoil (f)
high school, the high school
Àrd-sgoil Ulapuil
Ullapool High School
athair, an t-athair (m)
father, the father

Faclair Mòr App

Faclair Mòr App

Stòrlann, in collaboration with Sealgar IT Ltd, have produced a searchable phrasebook app for use in conjunction with the Ceumannan Gaelic learners’ course for secondary schools. The ‘Faclair Mòr’ app contains over 3 200 audio files from the book series and it is hoped pupils using the course will find the app useful as they get to grips with Gaelic.

The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

Faclair na Sgoile App

This is a Gaelic to Gaelic dictionary with auto-fill, which is very useful if you are in a hurry, or unsure of the word you’re looking for.

The app also has a Word of the Day feature which appears when you open the app. Try it now at Google Play and the App Store.