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Faclair Mòr L

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

*polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

làmh, an làmh (f), làmhan
hand, the hand, hands
làraidh, an làraidh (f), làraidhean
lorry, the lorry, lorries
le airgead
with money
le falt
with hair
le gaol
with love
leabharlann, an leabharlann (m)
library, the library
leabhar-latha, an leabhar-latha (m)
diary, the diary
lèintean-T, na lèintean-T
T-shirts, the T-shirts
leugh mi…
I read…
grey (hair)
loidse, an loidse (f)
a lodge, the lodge
lùth-chleasan, na lùth-chleasan
athletics, the athletics
Faclair Mòr App

Faclair Mòr App

Stòrlann, in collaboration with Sealgar IT Ltd, have produced a searchable phrasebook app for use in conjunction with the Ceumannan Gaelic learners’ course for secondary schools. The ‘Faclair Mòr’ app contains over 3 200 audio files from the book series and it is hoped pupils using the course will find the app useful as they get to grips with Gaelic.

The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

Faclair na Sgoile App

This is a Gaelic to Gaelic dictionary with auto-fill, which is very useful if you are in a hurry, or unsure of the word you’re looking for.

The app also has a Word of the Day feature which appears when you open the app. Try it now at Google Play and the App Store.