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Faclair Mòr D

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

*polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

dannsa, an dannsa (m),
the dance/dancing, dances
dannsa Gàidhealach (m)
highland dancing
daoine, na daoine
people, the people
Dè am biadh as fheàrr leibh?*
What is your favourite food?
Dè an cur-seachad as fheàrr leat?
What is your favourite pastime?
Dè as fheàrr leat?
What do you prefer?
Dè as fheàrr leibh?*
What do you prefer?
Dè bhios sibh a’ dèanamh?*
What do you do?
Dè bhios tu a’ dèanamh?
What do you do?
Dè chuala tu?
What did you hear?
Dè na cur-seachadan a th’ agad?
What are your hobbies?
Dè na cur-seachadan a th’ agaibh?*
What are your hobbies?
Dè rinn thu?
What did you do?
Dè tha ceàrr air?
What’s wrong with him?
Dè tha ceàrr oirre?
What’s wrong with her?
Dè tha ceàrr ort?
What’s wrong with you?
Dè tha ceàrr oirbh?*
What’s wrong with you?
Dè tha thu a’ dol a dhèanamh?
What are you going to do?
a’ dèanamh rannsachadh
doing research/a survey
a’ dèanamh rudan
making things
dèideadh, an dèideadh (m)
toothache, the toothache
deise-snàmh, an deise-snàmh (f)
swimsuit, the swimsuit
to the
dhan bhaile
to the town/village
dhan bhanca
to the bank
dhan Bhreatainn Bhig
to Brittany
dhan bhùth
to the shop
dhan chafaidh
to the café
dhan chèilidh
to the ceilidh
dhan chidhe
to the pier
dhan chlub-òigridh
to the youth club
dhan cholaiste
to college
dhan dotair
to the doctor
dhan eaglais
to the church
dhan fhactaraidh
to the factory
dhan fhiaclair
to the dentist
dhan gharaids
to the garage
dhan leabaidh
to bed
dhan leabharlann
to the library
dhan oifis
to the office
dhan phàirc
to the cinema
dhan sgoil
to the school
dhan stèisean
to the station
dhan taigh-bìdh
to the restaurant
dhan taigh-dhealbh
to the cinema
dhanns mi (còmhla ri)…
I danced (with)…
dh’èirich mi…
I got up…
dh’èist mi (ri)…
I listened (to)…
dh’fhàg mi…
I left…
dh’fhalbh mi…
I went (away)…
dh’fhosgail mi…
I opened…
dh’fhuirich mi…
I stayed…
Dh’ionnsaich mi an giotàr.
I learned the guitar.
dh’ith mi…
I ate…
dh’òl mi…
I drank…
dhràibh sinn…
we drove…
dhùin mi…
I closed…
dhùisg mi…
woke up…
a’ dol a bhruidhinn (ri)…
going to talk (to)…
a’ dol a chluich
going to play
a’ dol a choimhead
going to watch
a’ dol a dhèanamh
going to do
a’ dol a dh’fhalbh
going to go (away)
a’ dol a dh’òl
going to drink
a’ dol a ruith
going to run
a’ dol a sheinn
going to sing
a’ dol a shnàmh
going to swim
a’ dràibheadh
druim, an druim (m)
back, the back
drumaichean, na drumaichean
drums, the drums
Wake up!
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Faclair Mòr App

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The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

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