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Faclair Mòr S

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

*polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

sa mhionaid
his minute/straight away
samhradh, an samhradh (m)
summer, the summer
sanas, an sanas (m)
advert, the advert
sàsar, an sàsar (m)
saucer, the saucer
’s dòcha
’S math sin!
That’s good/smashing!
seachdain, an t-seachdain (f), seachdainean
a week, the week, weeks
Seasaidh mi…
I will stand…
Seinnidh mi…
I will sing…
sèithear, an sèithear (m), sèithrichean
chair, the chair, chairs
sgàthan, an sgàthan (m)
I will reach/arrive…
sgeilp, an sgeilp (f), sgeilpichean
shelf, the shelf, shelves
sgeulachd, an sgeulachd (f), sgeulachdan
story, the story, stories
sgioba, an sgioba (f), sgiobaidhean
team, the team, teams
Sgioblaichidh mi…
will tidy up…
sgòr, an sgòr (m)
score, the score
sgòthach (m)
Sgrìobhaidh mi…
I will write…
down (position)
shìos an staidhre
up (position)
shuas an staidhre
sìos an staidhre
downstairs (motion)
sneachd, an sneachd (m)
snow, the snow
An Spàinn
sràid, an t-sràid (f)
street, the street
Sràid a’ Chaisteil
Castle Street
Sràid an Rìgh
King Street
Sràid na Pàirce
Park Street
Stadaidh mi…
I will stop…
staidhre, an staidhre (f)
stair, the stair
Na Stàitean Aonaichte
America/United States
stèisean, an stèisean (m)
station, the station
stèisean-poilis, an stèisean-poilis (m)
police station, the police station
stoirm, an stoirm (f)
storm, the storm
suas an staidhre
upstairs (motion)
Suidhidh mi…
I will sit…
suipear, an t-suipear (f)
supper, the supper
Faclair Mòr App

Faclair Mòr App

Stòrlann, in collaboration with Sealgar IT Ltd, have produced a searchable phrasebook app for use in conjunction with the Ceumannan Gaelic learners’ course for secondary schools. The ‘Faclair Mòr’ app contains over 3 200 audio files from the book series and it is hoped pupils using the course will find the app useful as they get to grips with Gaelic.

The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

Faclair na Sgoile App

This is a Gaelic to Gaelic dictionary with auto-fill, which is very useful if you are in a hurry, or unsure of the word you’re looking for.

The app also has a Word of the Day feature which appears when you open the app. Try it now at Google Play and the App Store.

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