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Faclair Mòr A

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

*polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

à Ameireaga
from America
a bhalachaibh!
a bhalaich!
A bheil fhios agaibh càit a bheil…?*
Do you know where … is?
a Chanada
to Canada
a dh’Alba
to Scotland
a dh’Èirinn
to Ireland
a falt
her hair
a geansaidh
her jumper
a gheansaidh
his jumper
a Nirribhidh
to Norway
à Sasainn
from England
a Shasainn
to England
aig an uinneig
at the window
air a’ bhòrd
on the table
air ais
air an deireadh sheachdain
at the weekend
air an làr
on the floor
air an t-sèithear
on the chair
air beulaibh
in front of
air beulaibh na h-uinneige
in front of the window
air cùl/air cùlaibh
air cùl an taighe
behind the house
air cùl na leapa
behind the bed
àirneis, an àirneis (f)
furniture, the furniture
airson na h-oidhche
for the night
aithris na sìde
weather forecast
Am bruidhinn thu?
Will you talk/speak?
Am bruidhinn thu ri…?
Will you talk/speak to…?
Am fàg thu?
Will you leave?
Am faic thu…?
Will you see…?
Am faigh thu…?
Will you get…?
Am fosgail thu…?
Will you open…?
Am fuirich thu?
Will you stay/wait?
amadan, an t-amadan (m)
fool/idiot, the fool/the idiot
America/United States
free of charge
An ceannaich thu…?
Will you buy…?
An cluich thu?
Will you play?
An cluinn thu…?
Will you hear…?
An coimhead thu (air)…?
Will you look at/watch…?
An coisich thu?
Will you walk?
An cosg thu…?
Will you spend…?
An cuir thu…?
Will you put/send…?
An danns thu?
Will you dance?
An dèan thu…?
Will you do/make…?
An dràibh thu?
Will you drive?
An dùin thu…?
Will you close…?
An èist thu?
Will you listen?
An gabh thu…?
Will you take/have…?
An ith thu…?
Will you eat…?
An leugh thu…?
Will you read…?
An nigh thu…?
Will you wash…?
An òl thu…?
Will you drink…?
An rud a thig leis a’ ghaoith, falbhaidh e leis an uisge.
What comes on the wind,goes with the rain.
An ruig thu…?
Will you reach/arrive…?
An ruith thu?
Will you run?
An seas thu?
Will you stand?
An seinn thu?
Will you sing?
An sgioblaich thu?
Will you tidy up?
An sgrìobh thu…?
Will you write…?
An stad thu?
Will you stop?
An suidh thu?
Will you sit?
An tig sibh?*
Will you come?
An toir sibh dhomh…?*
Will you give me…?
An toir thu…?
Will you give/take/bring…?
An toir thu leat…?
Will you bring … with you?
last year
in (the)
anns a’ chidsin
in the kitchen
anns a’ phreas
in the cupboard
anns an leabaidh
in (the) bed
anns an oisean
in the corner
arsa mise
I said
from (the)
às an Eadailt
from Italy
às an Òlaind
from Holland/The Netherlands
Faclair Mòr App

Faclair Mòr App

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The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

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