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Graphic: An t-Alltan 3-4 Dàmhair 2012

Alltan 2012

A Conference for Gaelic teachers from Stòrlann
3 & 4 October, Aviemore

Over 100 delegates, incorporating nursery, primary, secondary and quality improvement officers attend the two day event at the MacDonald Aviemore Conference Centre. An t-Alltan's main aim was for delegates to explore Storlann's resources and how they could be implemented actively in the classroom.
This was achieved through a series of workshops led by practitioners with expert knowledge in their field and experience of using the resources.

This year, we were also joined by Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s 0-3 practitioners who had their own series of hands-on workshops and interesting speakers as part of the Alltan Beag conference.

Image: Donald John MacDonald, Bruce Robertson and Dr Alasdair ALlan, MSP, Mairi MacMillan, John Angus MacKay

The conference was opened by Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages.

Donald John MacDonald from James Gillespie’s High School in Edinburgh delivered a speech on inspirational leadership. Mr MacDonald won acclaim for his positive impact on the school and on the community while he was Headteacher of Liberton High School.


Bruce Robertson, OBE, from the Scottish Government spoke about IT in the modern-day Gaelic classroom.
John Angus MacKay, Chief Executive, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, spoke on Gaelic development in the context of the National Gaelic Language Plan 2012 - 2017.

Mary MacMillan provided a more detailed presentation on the National Gaelic Language Plans objectives for the development areas that relate to Gaelic education.


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Wednesday only






Graphic : TickBook Bug – Reading a story

Developing language and speaking in young children using practical and theoretical methods.
(EY, P1&2)
Linda Burgar

Graphic : TickiPad – Ar Stòiridh 

Using  IT & the iPad
How to use the App - Ar Stòiridh. This App allows children to create and record a story about what they have done that day, all through Gaelic, and to listen to it and send it to others.
(EY & P1&2)
Chrismar Montgomery, Joanna McPake & Christine Stephen

Graphic : TickMìrean

A discussion of common errors in spoken and written Gaelic, and ways of overcoming these using Mìrean and other language resources.                         
**Afternoon only**

Sarah MacEachen & DJ MacLeod

Graphic : TickGOC

An explanation of spelling points from GOC and an exercise involving the correction of passages.

**Morning only**
This workshop is primarily for secondary subject teachers, but is open to all who would like some help with GOC.

D J MacLeod

Graphic : TickGaelic - Cruinneachadh nam Fileantach

A look at what has already been gathered and an opportunity to discuss and put forward thoughts
on what else should be included.

Christina Walker & DE MacKinnon


Wednesday and Thursday


Graphic : TickSciences, Level 2 –  Practical experiments for the classroom

A practical session with information about experiments which can be done in primary at level two.
Murdo Beaton  

Graphic : TickA’ Chiste-chiùil using the Kodaly  method

A method of learning music which, according to academics, develops reading, motor, perception, concept formation and mathematical skills.
(EY, P1&2)

**Wednesday afternoon only, Thursday morning and afternoon**

Dolina Munro & Christine Richings

Graphic : TickLiteracy – Ceàird an Sgrìobhaiche/Giglets

A look at shared reading and writing, with useful ideas for teachers to develop their pupils’ skills, using these resources.
Sarah Fraser

Graphic : TickDrama – Story to Stage

Explaining the on-line resource and the steps required to take a story to a drama script for the stage.
Dougie Beck + Angus MacLeod

Thursday Only

Graphic : TickCPD Gàidhlig - a look at the Streap programme

The Streap programme is not solely for teachers moving from English medium to Gaelic medium teaching. It has been designed to be entirely suitable for every Gaelic teacher already teaching in primary or secondary.
Christina Walker

Graphic : Tick Prezi

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides.
(EY, P & S)
Anne McCormack

Graphic : TickAssessment and Moderation  - the teacher’s perspective

Ideas and examples from teachers in CNES on assessing and moderating to encourage conversation and learning from one another.
Iain MacRae

Graphic : TickScottish Studies 

How Grange Academy developed a Scottish Studies course for themselves, and how subject teachers can incorporate it into their class work.
Mary Ellen Stewart & Jean Hillhouse

Graphic : TickShort stories

The short story as a writing genre, and ways of teaching pupils how they should study and interpret short stories. 
D J MacLeod


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