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Graphic: An t-Alltan 7-9 Dàmhair 2008

An t-Alltan 2010 -
A Conference for Gaelic teachers from Stòrlann

Over 100 delegates, incorporating nursery, primary, secondary and quality improvement officers attend the two day event.

Delegates heard two keynote addresses from Chris McIllroy, HMIE and also from Angus MacLennan, Deputy Headteacher at the Nicolson Institute as well as having the choice of attending a pool of workshops each of which was relevant to their teaching experience. An t-Alltan's main aim was for delegates to explore Storlann's resources and how they could be implemented actively in the classroom.

"Inspiring! This type of CPD/event should be the norm – it makes teachers feel professional and involved!"

Graphic : Pics from An t-Alltan 2009




Programme Structure

Graphic : TickBeairteas Cànain – Idioms & Phrases

Margaret MacIver (P+S) (Wednesday only)
A look at how to promote the use of idioms and phrases in Gaelic writing, and as a result encouraging children to produce better quality pieces of Gaelic writing

Graphic : TickMaths

DJ Smith, Glasgow Gaelic School (S) (Wednesday only)
Active learning activities that can be taught in the classroom, to help support Teejay Maths textbooks/materials

Graphic : TickSpelling

Alice Macleod and Margaret Anne MacLeod (P) (Wednesday only)
Active spelling activities to accompany 'Lorgan Litreachaidh' spelling programme

Graphic : TickPoetry

Catriona Leacsaidh Caimbeul (N, P+S) (Wednesday & Thursday)
Drama activities that can be taught in the classroom to support 'Can gu Robh' and 'Smeòrach Mi' poetry book. A look at how the activities can be linked across different curricular areas to promote interdisciplinary learning

Graphic : TickBig Writing

Anne Glennie (P) (Wednesday & Thursday)
An introduction to 'Big Writing' and how it can be used interactively in the classroom to promote writing

Graphic : TickCeumannan

Emma Burrows + 1 other (S) (Wednesday & Thursday)
Interactive, give it a go approach to Ceumannan

Graphic : TickGLOW

Mary Macmillan + 1 member of LTS GLOW team (N, P+S) (Wednesday & Thursday)
Hands on approach to GLOW, highlighting its potential in Gaelic Education and in the classroom

Graphic : TickHIE – Renewable Energy

Pat and Liz (N, P & S) (Wednesday & Thursday)
Interactive training on how to use the renewable Energy toolkit in the classroom

Graphic : TickActive Learning – Development of Language

Fiona Maclennan (N+P) (Thursday only)
Active learning (Learning through Play) ideas that will promote use of Gaelic language at the Early Levels

Graphic : TickScholar Programme

Gerry Toner (S) (Thursday only)
Scholar Programme provides online courses for Secondary. This year they are putting a Higher Gaelic online programme in place (information session)

Graphic : TickSQA

Donald John MacIver and William MacDonald (S) (Thursday only)
SQA talking to teaching staff re. exam paper requirements - giving teachers an insight into what they could be preparing pupils for in terms of assessments and discussing the future of assessments (information session)

"Practical effective lessons to take back to the classroom"


Stòrlann would like to thank the following for financial and other support relating to An t-Alltan:
Managerial Review Group – Specific Grants for Gaelic Education;
The Scottish Government;
Bòrd na Gàidhlig;
Learning and Teaching Scotland;
Drumossie Hotel Inverness;
All local authorities.




Contact us

01851 700880

Many thanks to all those who completed and submitted our recent survey regarding An t-Alltan 2010. Your responses have been very useful and we will consider all suggestions made, as well as discussing your feedback.

Congratulations goes to the following teachers whose names were selected at random from the completed forms. They each win a £50 Amazon voucher for their school.

Muriel Murray – PT Stornoway Primary
Mrs Mary Sinclair – Deputy Head, Dingwall Primary
Dolina Macdonald
– Lionel School – Primary



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