Image: Na Lochlannaich
Image: Stòrlann Viking Resource Box with sample contents

The Vikings

More than a thousand years have passed since Scotland was in the grip of the Vikings. At that time they were known as a powerful, angry and frightening race. A thousand years on, we still don't have a full picture of the Vikings and what they got up to. This resource was created so that pupils can learn about them in a stimulating way. Each chest is full of a variety of Norse replicas which are listed below. As we have a restricted number, each chest will be available for loan on a school term basis.

(or phone the Stòrlann office on 01851 700880)

In the chest are:

  • Clothes
  • Coins
  • Runes
  • Helmet
  • Drinking horn
  • Lewis chess set
  • Wax writing tablet
  • Thor statuette
  • Horn spoons
  • Iron cutlery
  • Horn whistle
  • Leather bottle
  • Brooch
  • Rune stone
  • Thor
Image: Stòrlann Viking Coin Replica

Image: Lewis Chessmen

The Saga of Biôrn

Biôrn, an old Viking, is determined to reach Valhalla, the paradise of slain Viking warriors.

The Saga of Biôrn from Stòrlann and The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Image: Illustrations from Viking workbook

In the topic pack:

  • Who were the Vikings?
  • When did the Vikings come to Scotland?
  • Why did they come?
  • Plunderers
  • Attacks on Iona
  • Poetry
  • Norse beliefs
  • Viking funerals
  • Lewis chessmen
  • Viking clothes
  • Norse placenames in Scotland
  • Words with Norse origins
  • Where did the Vikings go?

Image: Viking clasp