Faclair Mr
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Faclair Mòr C

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

* polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

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a postcard, the postcard, postcards
a castle, the castle, castles
Where do you work?
Where did you go?
camera, the camera, cameras
holiday camp, the holiday camp
a canoe, the canoe
new friends
leg/foot, the leg/foot, legs/feet
head, the head
south of England
traditional music, the traditional music
No, will not be. (in answer to Am bi?)
I don't work /I will not be working.
I didn't hear
I didn't speak (to)
I didn't win
I didn't buy
I didn't play
I didn't watch
I didn't enjoy the food.
I didn't enjoy it.
I didn't put
I didn't get up.
I didn't listen (to)
I didn't leave
I didn't go (away)
I didn't open
I didn't stay
I didn't learn
I didn't eat
I didn't drink
I didn't dance (with)
I didn't close
I didn't wake up
I didn't have /take
I didn't read
I didn't arrive
I didn't do/make
I didn't do much.
I didn't run
I didn't write
I didn't sing
I didn't swim
I didn't sit
didn't come
No, will not go. (in answer to An tid?)
I will not go
didn't say
I went
The money is not good.
There's nothing wrong with you!
I don't know what's wrong with me.
My throat isn't sore.
This isn't going to hurt at all.
No. He's worse.
No, will not see. (in answer to Am faca?)
I didn't see
No, can't. (in answer to An urrainn?)
I can't play anything.
I can't ice skate.
I bought
I will see
I'll see you later!
I'll see you on Friday.
I'll see you on Saturday.
I played
As thick as thieves (very friendly).
I watched
My grandad enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed it.
I enjoyed swimming.
It cost
I heard
I put
Yes, will see. (in answer to Am faca?)
I saw
homesickness, the homesickness
builder, the builder
children, the children
harp, the harp
ear, the ear, ears
tennis club, the tennis club
cold, the cold (illness)
What is like?
What are you like?
comparison, the comparison
surfing the net
college, the college
appearance, the appearance
along with
with children
with people
with you
band, the band
finger, the finger, fingers
raincoat, the raincoat, raincoats
broadcaster, the broadcaster
playgroup, the playgroup
quad bike, the quad bike
When do you finish?
being sick/vomiting
hobbies, the hobbies

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