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Faclair Mòr
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Faclair Mòr A

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

* polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

Do you have the cold?
Is the money good?
Is your head sore?
Is he/it better now?
to Canada
to Uist
to Edinburgh
to Glasgow
from Glasgow
to Lewis
to Lochmaddy
to Mull
to Paris
to England
What fun!
at the pier
at home
signature, the signature
on the TV
phone number, the phone number, phone numbers
Will be?
Do you work?/Will you be working?
Did you see?
you idiot!
swimming pool, the swimming pool
ambulance, the ambulance
throat/neck, the throat/ neck
Did you hear?
Did you go?
Have you ever been to Spain?
Did you win?
Did you talk (to)?
Did you buy?
Did you buy presents?
Did you play shinty?
Did you watch?
Did you enjoy it?
Did you put?
Did you get up?
Did you listen (to)?
Did you leave?
Did you go (away)?
Did you open?
Did you stay/live?
Did you learn?
Did you eat your dinner?
Did you dance (with)?
Did you drink?
Did you close?
Did you wake up?
Did you have/take?
Did you have breakfast?
Did you read the book?
Did you arrive?
Did you do/make?
Did you do the homework?
Did you do anything?
Did you run?
Did you write?
Did you sing?
Did you swim?
Did you sit?
Did come?
Will you go?
Will you go to the doctor?
Can you?
free of charge
in a bank
in a butcher's shop
in a factory
in a post office
in a big office
in a nursery school
in a radio station
in a studio
in the sea
in France
smart clothes, the smart clothes

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