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Faclair Mr
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Faclair Mòr C

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

* polite/plural (f) feminine (m) masculine

café, the café, cafés
Carinish, in Cairinish
quarter, the quarter
cheese, the cheese
Where is?
Where is the dance?
Where does Iain live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you work?
Where were you?
cabbage, the cabbage
fifty five
a bit
Why do you like...?
Why do you like...?
Why dont you like...?
Why dont you like...?
foot, the foot, feet
little legs
long legs
white legs/feet
cat, the cat, cats
south (end)
north (end)
sandwich, the sandwich, sandwiches
chicken, the chicken
roast chicken
cake, the cake, cakes
chocolate cake
cilidh, an cilidh (m)
question, the question, questions
four sisters
four oclock
music, the music
one hundred
I dont like. (Lewis)
I dont like (Lewis)
Its useless!
Campbell (female)
No. (was/were not.)
I was not...
I wasnt doing anything.
I wasnt well.
Age doesnt come alone.
No. (I dont like)
I dont like...
I dont like the teacher.
Its not a....
Its not ... today
Its none of your business!
That is not...
No. It isnt.
I dont have enough money.
I dont have a
He is not thirsty.
She is not thirsty.
Im not thirsty.
Im not hungry.
Theres nothing happening.
I cant remember.
Theres nothing happening on Wednesday.
Not bad.
Hes not/Its not
Hes not wrong.
It isnt...
She isnt right.
Hes not/Its not nice.
I dont know.
She's not/It's not…
They’re not…
Iain doesnt live...
Im not going.
I dont live...
I dont understand.
Im not well.
Im not good at it
Not much.
Theres not much happening.
I dont have a pet.
Iain doesnt have a pet.
This isnt bad.
I havent got a penny!
No. (You may not.)
Ill see.
as thin as a needle (as thin as a rake)
as alike as two herring (like two peas in a pod)
as brown as a nut
as black as coal
as white as crowdie
as green as the grass
as fat as a seal
as sick as a dog
as busy as a bee
as big as a mountain
How many?
How many are there?
How many pets do you have?
How many pets do you have?
How was/were?
How is/are...?
How are you?
How are you?
How are you?
How are you?
East Kilbride, in East Kilbride
Kilmarnock, in Kilmarnock
timetable, the timetable
menu, the menu
long ears
big ears
drama club, the drama club
youth club, the youth club
playing football
playing computer games
playing shinty
playing rugby
birthday, the birthday
What is ... like?
What is he/it like?
Who is in your family?
coke, the coke
cook/chef, the cook/chef
coffee, the coffee
five oclock
watching ... on TV
watching TV
rabbit, the rabbit, rabbits
curry, the curry
Gaelic choir, the Gaelic choir
like me
appearance, the appearance
Never mind!
with my friends
concert, the concert
Good. (as an answer to D do chor?)
coat, the coat, coats
Religious Education
crofter, the crofter, crofters
dog, the dog, dogs
also, too
Help me!
puppy, the puppy, puppies
When was/were?
When is/are...?
When is your birthday?
When is it on?
Put/turn on the light!
Put/turn on the TV!
Put/turn on the radio!
Take off your jacket!
Put on your jacket!
Put up your hand!
Put your books away!
Put away your books!
Take off your jackets!
Put on your jackets!
Put up your hand!
cup, the cup
cup of tea
pastimes, the pastimes
Hobbies and Events
carrots, the carrot, carrots
subject, the subject, subjects
school subjects, the school subjects

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